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Welcome To Hazelwood Lodge

School Holiday Camp Information


What to bring:


Any Medication that may be needed, including asthma puffers etc. 

Sleeping bag or Doona

❖ Pillow

❖ Gumboots and Waterproof jacket (Summer & Winter)

❖ Good solid shoes with a heel, and no laces for riding

❖ ASA approved crash helmet e.g., AUS 3838

❖ General toiletries (Toothbrush and paste, soap shampoo etc)

❖ Towels

❖ Insect repellent and Sunscreen

❖ Sun hat and bathers

❖ Plenty of cold and warm weather clothing (all year round)

❖ Mobile phones are permitted, however, there is strictly no video recording or photos

     taken without Catherine Martindale verbal or written consent.


If you are bringing your own horse, please ensure you bring:


❖ Water and feed buckets for horses

❖ Own feed including, but not limited to Lucerne, hay or grass hay, enough for the duration of the entirety of stay.

❖ Rugs for all weather conditions

❖ All tack











Please note: Hazelwood Lodge exercises all due care and skill in the preparation of providing a safe and compliant facility for both children and horses alike. Nevertheless, Hazelwood lodge does not accept any responsibility and expressly disclaims all liability, whether due to negligence, or otherwise however caused, for any loss, damage, injury, expense, or cost incurred directly or indirectly by any person as a result of accessing, using or relying upon all Hazelwood Lodge facilities, employees or persons.

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