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Our Horses

Our Horses

Hazelwood Lodge has a number of school ponies suitable for every rider.

  • Indy - 

  • Indy: "When Stars Collide"

  • D.O.B: 15 November 2014

  • Sire: Linelea Tyson - Blk Clyde, Dam: Quarab x Appy.

  • Purchased as an unbroken 5yr old that had a lot of exposure, so perfect school pony prospect. Indy has developed into a reliable member of the team, that can do a bit of everything, Indy attends Pony Club and low level competitions. The future ambition for a long term goal is to start her in harness. 


Brooklyn - 

  • D.O.B: 10 December 2018.

  • Brooklyn is a favourite school pony for many. Brooklyn has many quirks, but just loves a good smooch. 

Chloe -

  • DOB: 28 Aug 2003 Height: 16hh  

  • Chloe is a dapple-grey Percheron mare. Chloe is a lovely horse to ride in dressage or show jumping for any riding level. Chloe is currently the most well-schooled school horse. She is a big steady girl with lovely rhythmic, swinging paces. Chloe still competes at Adult Riding Club Dressage and jump for fun days with her owner Sheree and loves a day out. Chloe is very sweet and eager to please, especially if the prize is food. Chloe has the biggest feet on the property.

Fozzy -

  • DOB 31/08/07.

  • Height 13hh  

  • Elmhurst Dejavu Sire: Dutton Lea Select, Dam: Amaranda Hannah, Reg Buckskin, Reg Arabian riding pony geld, Reg Welsh, Reg Australian Riding Pony, Reg Show Hack Council and Reg Australian Pony!

  • Fozzy is a  super moving and jumping pony, who is suited to the kids who have had some experience, he is very free moving and quite sensitive, he has had some pony club experience and is a very sweet natured pony, he is usually the next progressive step from Tadpole.


  • DOB 06.11.05

  • Height 15.1hh, 

  • Gemma is just One Handy Starlet Sire: Hand It Down Dam: Candre, Bay First cross reg Quarter horse mare.  

  • Gemma is a Gem, quiet and gentle enough for absolute beginners but educated enough to go out competing in dressage and jumping, this mare does it all! She carries kids on Trail rides out in front or in behind, she is one of the most versatile horses we have.


Luna - 

  • DOB - 12 November 2010

  • Luna is a forward moving superstar 

  • Luna loves to be with her friends both in the paddock and in the arena. 


Nellie - 

  • DOB: 29 Oct 2006

  • Height: 15.2hh  

  • Nellie is a bay Irish Sport Horse x Thoroughbred mare by Coosheen Liam out of Coco and owned by Mary  Longden.

  • Nelly has competed in Dressage, show jumping, and horse trials and loves cross country. She has very rhythmic and flowing paces and is extremely forward, giving the more experienced riders a new challenge. Nellie suits the more experienced riders ready for a step up in their riding. Nellie is a great lead horse for young race horses having their first few outings at the race track, as she is free moving yet very steady and mature.


No-Shame - 

  • DOB 28.09.14,

  • Height 14.3hh

  • Chestnut Arab x Paint Gelding, No Shame is the newest recruit to the Hazelwood Team! No Shame is green broken at this stage, but expected to become a very versatile member of the team. No Shame has an outgoing disposition and can do attitude! He reminds me very much of a younger version an old favourite Prince!


Shadow - 

  • Dob: 26 Sept 2002

  • Height: 14.1hh  

  • Shadow is a Black and White Pinto x brumby pony mare originally from Orbost. Shadow appears lazy but, an easy-going pony. Shadow is very good at lunge lessons as, Shadow is so quiet and patient.

  • Shadow is a fun pony, very good at games and teaching riders beginning to jump. Shadow is also used as a lead horse for young racehorses, and horses being broken in.

  • Shadow has had one foal before coming to Hazelwood.


Tadpole - 

  • DOB 14.11.98,

  • Height 13.2hh  

  • A New Forest Pony. Tadpole has been in and out of the Hazelwood team, since he was 4yrs old. Tadpole has been owned by a few of the kids whom  have taught at Hazelwood over the years. Hazelwood Lodge now have the pleasure of owning Tadpole. Tadpole is an invaluable part of the team, as Tadpole has had extensive pony club and competition experience, but can also teach first timers!


  • DOB 17/08/2017

  • Height: 13.1

  • Black riding pony x Welsh gelding, a step up from Fozzy, being outgrown by one of the students. Has 3 flowing paces, a super jump, and a cheeky disposition.

Hazelwood rules alot aka. Paddy/Patrick/Patrica 

DOB: 13/10/2017 

Sire: Jungle Ruler,

Dam: Dotsalot

16hh, homebred grey thoroughbred gelding. Now an OTTB, after having a brief racing career with one win at Traralgon. Paddy is now going to pony club and competing in the equestrian fields. An outgoing, and willing horse showing great potential. 

Chicano Park Janlyn 

DOB: 21/01/2018

Sire: Moondale Hustler, Dam: Windfield Lovita.

12.1 hh, Chestnut mare, Australian pony. Janlyn is a fun, loving, outgoing, little mare who is sharp as a tack, has a quick jump, and is suited to little people who are up and going.


DOB: approximately 2010

12.3 hh, black Welsh mare, acquired to be Olivia's second pony. Can be sassy, but super for the little people. 

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